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The role of the record label has always been the same – make records and sell them!

The purpose of distribution is to make music as accessible to the public as possible. The methods to do so have changed. Almost everything is done online and digital distribution is imperative for most artists now.
The management of record labels is totally different now and there are many smaller labels and less major players.
That is why Zoorka Recordzzz offers different services like

  • Digital and/or physical distribution
  • CD/Vinyl pressing
  • Audio mixing and/or mastering
  • ISRC code request
  • Album & cover art
  • Logo & website design
  • Press release & PR campaigns
  • ...

Founded in 2020 by Gunnar Nopens, Zoorka Recordzzz is a small independent label based in Belgium. Needing a label for his own bands and the experience of investing a lot of money with almost no return made him decide to start his own label.


Digital and/or physical distribution of your music

CD/Vinyl pressing

Best quality, quick delivery at a reasonable price


Specific, targeted and tailored PR campaigns as well as social media marketing and tour press.

Audio mixing and/or mastering

High-end professional online mixing and mastering services

Album & cover art

Professional and great looking album design for reasonable prices

Logo & website design

Tailormade logo design. Website and social media setup and maintenance for your band



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Lumenux Obscuraz

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Lumenux Obscuraz

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